50 States: Alaska

Alaska … The Last Frontier

Fact Contributors: Ms. Kegerreis’ Sixth Grade, OnGrounds Classroom

State of Alaska

» Capital City : Juneau
» Location: 58.3885 N, 134.1334 W
» Area:
586,412 square miles, ranking largest state in the U.S.
» Population: 621,400
» State Bird: Willow Ptarmigan

» State Tree:
Sitka Spruce
» State Flower: Forget-Me-Not
» State Fish: King Salmon
» State Fossil: Wooly Mammoth
» State Sport:
Dog mushing – the Iditarod takes place in Alaska.
» Motto:
North to the Future
» Popular Tourist Destinations: Mt. McKinley, Yukon River, glaciers,
museums (the remains of seven kinds of dinosaurs have been found in Alaska)
» Products: Seafood, fish, dairy products, oil, gold and mining, lumber, food processing, tourism
» Interesting Facts: Alaska was sold to the United States by Russia for only 2 cents an acre. Alaska has two time zones.

Postcard Showcase:

OnGrounds Classroom – Their postcard looks like the Alaska state flag!

Ms. Kegerreis’ Sixth Grade


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