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Games to play
Submitted by: Mary Smith-Kobs, First
Originally posted at the A to Z Teacher Stuff Discussion Forums

I teach first grade. Dismissal can get out of hand. Two games my students have enjoyed playing are 'Heads up 5-up' and 'The quiet game'. The first is a modified Heads Up 7-up, while the second is even more simple. Pick one student to begin. The class must be silent. The first student picks a student who is silently sitting, by tapping him/her on the shoulder. They then exchange places, the chooser sits in the desk of the chosen one. The game continues until everyone has ben chosen and all students are sitting in someone elses desk. They must be silent at all times or they are out of the game. If the same student is chosen a number of times, I remind them to look for someone who has not been chosen. I was very surprised the first time I introduced the game to my class. The results were great! They actually ask to play the 'Quiet Game'.



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