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Advice for Interviews
Submitted by: Amanda Post, A to Z Teacher Stuff
Originally posted at the A to Z Teacher Stuff Discussion Forums

I got to participate in interviews last year (on the questioning end), so I will give as much advice as I can. I will list the questions we chose, but keep in mind, my fellow kindergarten teachers and I came up with these, and they could be completely different from questions you would get elsewhere! ...

  1. Our first question was, "Briefly tell us about yourself. What do you enjoy doing." I suggest answering about YOU. You'll get to the teacher questions later. This background information let us get to know the person a bit better. It's up to you how to answer, but I personally would tell about my family and interests... That's what we were expecting.
  2. What are some classes you enjoyed during college?
  3. What is your philosophy of education?
  4. What personal strengths can you bring to our school?
  5. What experience do you have working with kindergarten?
  6. What do you know about developmentally approprite practices for this age group?
  7. What would your classroom look like?
  8. What knowledge do you have of Accelerated Schools, Guided Reading, Hands-on math, Brain Based Education, Cooperative Learning. With this question, we didn't become concerned and mark someone off the list if they didn't know about any of those methods. We were just trying to see what kind of background knowledge they had because those were things our school used. We did, however, appreciate a response other than "I don't know," or "Never heard of that." It helped if they explained something they were familiar with that sounded similar to what we were asking. - I sat on in an interview with the 2nd grade teachers, and their questions were much more involved! They had some situational questions like, What would you do if you saw Johnny looking off of Melinda's paper during a test?, etc.
  9. What was the most valuable thing you learned in your student teaching?
  10. Name your strengths and weaknesses.

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