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Learning Letters in Your Name: Group Time Activity
Grade Level(s): Preschool, K
By: Debbie Haren, Preschool Teacher

Children learn to read their names and their classmates' names.


  • To learn the first letter in their own name.
  • To learn the first letter of other children's name in the class.
  • To recognize their own name when they see it.


  • Tag board in small rectangular strips
  • Permanent marker
  • Correct spelling of every child's name in the class
  • A small quiet area reserved for whole or small group time everyday


Part 1:

On each piece of rectangular tagboard write each child's name spelled correctly and use capital letters only for the first letter of the name. Each child should have their own rectangular name strip when you are done with this.

Part 2:

Start this activity by going through the names as a group and letting other kids help each know their name when they see it. For instance hold a name card up and say " Do you know whose name this is?" Are they here today? "What letter does his/her name start with?" Do this for several weeks to get the kids used to this type of engaging questions and answer type format.

After a few weeks the students will know right off the bat whose name it is and if they are here without you saying much at all. They really enjoy this activity because it helps them also learn each others names.

Part 3:

After several weeks of doing this with the cards, start to make it a little harder by asking for children with "K" as the first letter in their name to line up or go wash their hands for lunch, etc. Also talk to the students about capital and lowercase letters and how only the first letter is capitalized.

I used this technique in preschool and the parents were amazed that the kids knew the first letter in their name but, also in other students names in the class. They also help each other so it gives them a chance to work together.


Please make sure your handwriting on each name card is very precise and correctly written. Make sure you leave a small space between every letter in their name.


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