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Apples and Counting
Grade Level(s): K
By: Amy, Kindergarten Teacher

Using the apple theme to learn how to count.


The students will:
  • use apple theme to learn about math (or Johnny Appleseed theme)
  • practice rote counting


  • Large tree made out of art paper or store bought one.
  • Apple cut outs (10-20)


During the month of September, we are talking about Johnny Appleseed and usually learning about rote numbers in our Math series. I take this and incorporate it to a morning activity each day.

I have a large tree up outside my door. By the tree is a picnic basket I have made. In the basket are all the apples. Beside the tree, there is a sentence strip that says:

"I looked up in my apple tree and saw ______ apples looking at me."

The first day we do 0, of course there are 0 apples in the tree. So, we write 0 on an index card and tape it onto the proper spot. From there we know that 0 is the number of the day.

The next day I have put 1 apple in the tree from the picnic basket. Same thing--we count the apples in the tree and put that number on the apple tree. I do this until we hit 20 which is where our math series stops.

During this time I am also doing all kinds of apple lessons while we learn the letter A, lessons on trees for T, etc. This fits in right along with all that we are studying. Very simple and the kids love it.


This lesson goes with Making Apple Trees.

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