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Label Tables
Grade Level(s): 1-2
By: Dan Trevor, 2nd grade teacher

Building sight word and vocabulary.


  • 3X5 cards
  • Marking cards
  • Objects to label (teacher selected)
  • Object box


This activity I submitted in "Best of Reading Teachers 1996." This activity incorporates all the essentials an activity needs to build and promote sight word and vocabulary recognition.

  1. I provide my students with a box of items I have pre-selected (or I'll allow them to bring items in from home).
  2. Each student or group of students is to choose up to five items from the box.
  3. As a group if they are working in groups, or independently, they have to match the items from the box with the label cards that you have provided them that correspond with the objects.
  4. Then one student closes their eyes while the other student hides one of the objects.
  5. The student has to match the objects so that he/she can figure out which object is hidden.
  6. An extension of this activity is to have the students from different tables change cards and objects. Students can also add words to their label tables and in doing so increase their vocabulary bank.
  7. Lastly, I set up a bingo game using the words that were on the labels.


I am a retired elementary teacher of many years. I have enjoyed teaching, but wish to continue to give to the teaching field. I hope you enjoy my activity.


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