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Mixed Up Sentences
Grade Level(s): K, 1-2
By: Amy, Kindergarten Teacher

I mix up words using those sight words being worked on and words from our word walls. The children then put the words in order to make a sentence.


Thinking caps or "smarties" smart pills for the kids. Distribute and get busy.


  1. I take sight words and words from our word walls and mix them up including punctuation.

  2. Example: I would write on the board...

    fat sat on map the My . cat

  3. The children then unscramble the sentence.

  4. I take volunteers to come up and as they use each word they cross it out. This gives the children a great sense of reading.

  5. Eventually the kids will become so familiar with this, they will be able to mix up sentences for each other. It is amazing and they have a load of fun.


Editor's Note: I have used an activity similar to this in which the children actually "be" the words in the sentence. I would use simple sentences, write the words on separate cards, then choose several children to come to the front of the class to hold a card. Then, the class' job was to decide who needed to move where to unscramble the sentence. We would re-read the sentence each time to see if it made sense until it was finally in the right order. Pat Cunningham describes this sort of activity in the book, Month by Month Reading & Writing in Kindergarten, published by Carson-Dellosa.


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