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Selling Spelling
Grade Level(s): 3-5
By: Peggy Hibbard, Pine Tree Intermediate 3/4

This spelling activity combines social studies, art, and spelling for an exciting way to learn spelling words.


Students learn about marketing strategies and put them into action. Students take ownership of getting 100% of the class to spell their word correctly on the test by advertising and selling their "word"..


Spelling words
Large Manilla Paper
A variety of art supplies available
Colored construction paper
Appropriate Magazines


  1. Have a class discussion about advertisements. Brainstorm what makes a good advertisement.
  2. Look through magazines and pick out advertisements and let each student tell briefly what it was about that ad that "caught their eye" and what it is about the ad that will make them "remember" that product.
  3. Assign or let each student pick a spelling word to "sell" to the class.
  4. Students then use any mediums they have available to create an "advertisement" selling their assigned word. ...i.e. collage, watercolor, tempera, markers, crayons, stencils, cutouts from magazines, etc. Possibly go "online" and download graphics and fonts they could print out.
  5. Students then present their advertisement or commercial to the class with the objective of getting the class to remember their word.
  6. Hang the posters advertising their words on the walls of the classroom.
  7. Give a practice test about Wednesday. Let the students know what words were missed and by whom.
  8. Students can then target the students who don't know "their word".
  9. Give the final test on Friday. Give the results and appropriate rewards for words that were 100% correct in the classroom. Ex: John's word was "store". Everyone got John's word correct, so he gets recognition. Suggestion: Put a star or sticker on the posters that were 100% correct in the class.

Optional activity:

  1. Hang their word poster on the front or side of their desk.
  2. When calling on students to go to the restroom, answer a question, read, etc., have them spelling "their" word out loud first.
  3. Have a spelling break. Students are allowed to go freely around the room and get as many students to spell "their" word. When someone spells "their" word correctly, they document the information.. Whoever can't spell their word is then targeted for additional help by the "seller of the word".

Peggy Hibbard
Pine Tree Intermediate 3/4
Pine Tree ISD
Longview, Texas


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