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Spark (a variation on Sparkle spelling game)
Grade Level(s): 1-2, 3-5

A variation of Sparkle, Spark allows mis-spellers to rejoin the game after practicing words.


I don't ask students to sit down unless they have misspelled a word, so this is really "Spark," not Sparkle."

This is a variation of "Sparkle." It seems that exactly those students who need to keep spelling are eliminated from the game, so in my variation, when a student sits out, he or she has a choice: either stay out and write the spelling words starting with the missed one x 5, or write that word 5 times and then rejoin the game. That way attention remains focused on spelling.

There are a couple of rules to the re-joining process, since students re-joining the group can be confused and can cause confusion:

  1. I need to see the words written correctly. (otherwise a student may be reenforcing misspelling)
  2. Students may rejoin between words, not during--you may decide whether they rejoin where they were or at one end of the line.
  3. There should be a designated waiting place and (you know we need to state the obvious) a line needs to form behind the first person waiting.

Students seem to like the opportunity to get back into the action, although there have been some students who would rather practice writing the words.

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