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Grade Level(s): Preschool, K
By: Debbie Haren, Preschool Teacher

To teach students about the dangers of going with strangers.



  • Lesson 1: STRANGERS- Buddy system
  • Lesson 2: STRANGERS- Adults do not need help from a child!
  • Lesson 3: STRANGERS- Have a password
  • Lesson 4: STRANGERS- Know some ways to get away
  • Lesson 5: STRANGERS- Know your phone number and address

Ask students if their mom or dad have ever talked to them about going anywhere with strangers. Have the students that answer yes tell the rest of the class what their parents or grandparents told them. Ask them why they think this is important for them to remember what to do.

Lesson 1: STRANGERS - Buddy system

  • popsicle sticks
  • scraps of material
  • glue
  • white paper(sturdy).

Talk to students about the importance of always going somewhere together. Every student should pick a person to be their "buddy" for the day.

Explain to the kids that it is always important to have someone with you in case something should happen to you. That way the other person can go for help.

It is also very important that a grown-up always knows where you are! That way they know you are safe.

If you are playing outside it is VERY important that a grown-up or another child is with you so no one tries to take you in their car!

  1. Have each student make two stick puppets out of paper and then use the material to make a dress or short to put on the person they made. Have them make two puppets each to remind them they always need a buddy with them!

Lesson 2: STRANGERS - Adults do not need help from a child!


Talk to students about how many bad adults that try to steal children by telling them they need help carrying something or getting something out of their car. If someone asks them for help, say "No, but I can get another adult to help you!"

NEVER get close to a person's car to look at something or to get something from the person, such as candy or a game.

Always walk home with someone after school.

I really feel strongly about this subject and I hope other teachers will use this information to help children not get abducted from strangers!

Lesson 3: STRANGERS - Have a password


Talk to your students about the importance of not listening to anyone who says your mom or dad sent them to pick you up. Explain to students that many children have been taken from their schools and playgrounds because they were told their mom or dad sent someone to pick them up!

  1. Have students go home with a letter from the teacher explaining about the weeks theme of STRANGER DANGER. Explain in the letter the importance of having a code word that a person has to know in order for them to pick them up. Make sure that only the child and the mom or dad knows that code word! Also have the mom or dad spend some time talking to the child about what to do in case the child should get lost somewhere such as the mall!
  2. Have the students come back to school the next day and talk about the discussion with their mom or dad. Also the teacher could bring in a missing child's poster and talk about how this child was taken and their mom and dad miss them very much!

Lesson 4: STRANGERS - Know some ways to get away


Talk to kids about what they could do if someone grabbed them and tried to take them to their car.

  1. Some of the best things to do are: Scream and yell this person is is taking me! Another thing to do if there is not many people around is to bite the person very hard and then run as fast as you can!
  2. Have the kids practice yelling and saying, "This person is trying to take me!": Get them used to being assertive! Most children are not used to acting without thinking and the more prepared they are the faster they will be able to react.

Lesson 5: STRANGERS- Know your phone number and address


Many children who get lost do not know their full name and address. Explain to the children how important it is to talk clearly and slowly so people who can help them can understand what they are saying. Tell children if they are lost it is important to go to a grown-up. If a police officer or someone who works at the place is around that is the first person they should go to.

  1. Have on a file card each child's name and address along with their phone number.
  2. Practice with them saying their name and phone number. Make sure they are saying it clearly and slowly so it can be understood.
  3. It is also important that the children know their mom's and dad's first names. Have them tell you that also.
  4. I would send a home a letter to the parents about what you are working on and have them be practicing this at home also!


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