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Summer Watercolor Pictures
Grade Level(s): Preschool
By: Debbie Haren, Preschool Teacher

To give children the opportunity to express themselves through painting.


To give children the opportunity to express themselves through painting.


  • Fingerpaints
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint smocks
  • Plain paper


  1. Take a few minutes to talk to the children about what they did this summer. Did they go camping, swimming or on a vacation?
  2. Have the children talk, one by one, about their favorite thing they did this summer.
  3. After everyone has has had a chance to talk about what they did this summer, give each child a piece of paper and their supplies to paint a picture.
  4. Tell them to paint something they did this summer that they really enjoyed.
  5. Have them leave a little room at the bottom to write a sentence about their picture. If they can write it have them do it, if not the teacher can write exactly what the child says.
  6. This could be made into a class book or have the kids make a border on it with construction paper and hang the pictures out in the hallway for the parents to see.


Make sure the teacher repeats throughout the time they are painting for them to paint specifically about what they did this summer. This helps children to start painting something specific when they paint.


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