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Write Me a Picture
Grade Level(s): 6-8
By: Virginia Y. Martin, Library Media Skills Teacher

Creating works in many art forms using a variety of tools and materials.


  • Create works in many art forms and art processes.
  • Experiment and explore with tools and materials, including clay and fiber, and demonstrate intermediate levels of craftsmanship.
  • Express ideas, feelings, and values in original works of art.


  • paper
  • calligraphy pens
  • rulers
  • colored markers
  • chalks or water colors


Length of Unit: 6 days

Day 1:

Show examples of calligraphy, including some completed projects from other classes if available. Demonstrate proper way to hold pen and create various strokes. Distribute lined paper and copies of the Calligraphy alphabet in both upper and lower cases. Have students practice making letters A-M. Ask students to be thinking of a short poem/part of poem, proverb or maxim which would fit on a single sheet of 14" parchment paper. They should bring these to class on the third day of this unit.

Day 2:

Repeat demonstration of proper way to hold pens, then have students practice letters N-Z.

Day 3:

Distribute 14" pieces of plain paper for students to use to lay out their projects. Demonstrate how to measure for margins and centering or other desired spacing. Have students rough out their poems/parts of poems/sayings/maxims to be sure they will fit the paper. Students should include an original illustration that is suitable for the subject matter of the quote, and should include proper information for attributing the quote to its author/source. Instructor must approve rough design before they begin to work on parchment.

Days 4-5:

Students will work out their designs on parchment paper using calligraphy lettering and their choice of medium for the illustration. Finished project is due the end of last class period. (Additional time can be added for classes that work at a slower pace.)

Day 6:

Help students mat their work for display in art room or other available space in school. If school has a web page, work can be scanned for posting on the web page.


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