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Birthday Letters
Grade Level(s): 1-2
By: Donna Turman, Second

This is a special birthday activity for students to use writing & more.


We have a birthday party on the last Friday of school in each month. Because I only have one party a month, I can give a little more time to the party. Each birthday child's parents are invited to come and bring things that will make the birthday more enjoyable for their child. At this time I present each birthday child with a birthday book that was made just for them by their classmates. Most of the time the party is completely handled by the parents giving me more time to spend with the birthday children. We sing songs and play games that are chosen by the birthday children.

On the actual day of the child's birthday, during the writing time of the day, I give each student a piece of writing paper.

They are to write a positive letter to the birthday child telling them whatever they want to as long as it is positive. They can compliment and encourage anyway that they feel is unique to that person. I help only with the editing of the letter and not with actual content. The students get really good at coming up with positive comments.

While the class is writing, the birthday child gets to color a birthday cake I have cut out ahead of time and written his/her name and birthday on.

After the papers are completed and collected, I read the letters to the class and let everyone guess who wrote it.

  • We create an author page that everyone signs and place it on top of the letters.
  • The birthday cake is glued to a piece of construction paper and used as a cover for the book.
  • During the day anyone who finishes his/her work early can draw one birthday picture that will be placed behind their letter.

At the end of the day I bind the book and save it to be given out at the birthday party.


Copyright (c) 1999 by Donna Turnman. All Rights Reserved.


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