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Countries of the World
Grade Level(s): 6-8
By: Heidi Lewis

This is a game idea I made up by myself to help the kids in my class learn the countries of the world. I teach 6th graders. It really helped them to become familiar with the countries of the world.


  • index cards
  • reference books
  • small pieces of scrap paper


  1. First, write twice the amount of DIFFERENT countries all around the world as the amount of kids in your classroom on the scrap pieces of paper.
  2. Then, put them in a box or hat and have each child pick two.
  3. Hand out two index cards to the kids and provide reference books from the media center or other source. Make sure to tell the kids to not put their name on the cards so others don't know what countries they have. Have them look up about four to six MAIN facts about the countries they will be doing. Some of the facts could include main product, capital, tourist attractions,chief crops, major imports, and major exports. There is a wide range of things to do.
  4. After research is done (I suggest about one or two sessions to do research each about 20-30 minutes long) collect all of the cards and shuffle them.
  5. Next, make up 4 teams throughout the whole class.
  6. In order, read one clue to the first team. If they don't get it correct(the country's name) ask the next team. After you have asked all teams with one clue, do the same until someone guesses the country or all clues have been read.
  7. Each time someone gives a correct response, add points to their score. I score like this but it depends on how many clues are given:

EXAMPLE: If there are 6 clues total on the card: if 1 clue is given, reward 60 points, if 2 reward 50... and so on. if all clues are given and someone guesses it no one gets points.


Copyright 1999 by Heidi Lewis


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