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Vocabulary Review in Spanish
Grade Level(s): 9-12
By: Alice, Grades 7-12 Teacher

A game to practice vocabulary in Spanish.


  • Pre-studied vocabulary list oral and written drills prior to activity


Class is divided into two teams/by seats. Each person has a corresponding partner on the other team with which he competes. One person from each team goes to the board. The other team members may not help the two answer. The first person to answer the prompt from teacher must write correctly the answer.

Example: Translate- house

Student must write- casa

First one finished gets points for his/her team. Translation or simply writing what the teacher prompts are both good ways to get kids to compete with each other and learn while having fun.

Escalate points. It adds excitement. e.g. 5 pts, then 40 pts., person 3 will earn 62 pts. (vary the amts)


Foreign language dept. chair at magnet high school in Chicago. Plan to be principal within the year. Have been teaching since 1971.


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