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FOCUS on Classroom Management :: Welcome

FOCUS on Classroom Management Series - 5 Week Seminar description and outline.

"I could get so much more done if I did not have to discipline." Does this sound familiar? In the teaching profession, so much time is dedicated toward resolving this issue of managing a classroom - and understandably so. Time and time again, research has found that the #1 area of concern for teachers, especially those new to the field, are feelings of inadequacy when it comes to managing a classroom.

Welcome to I Love That Teaching Idea!'s free, 5-week seminar based on ideas out of Surviving Your First Year (or Any Year!) of Teaching and Loving It!. This course is designed to help you to FOCUS on your classroom management style.

What style of management best fits you and your students? Do you run a more authoritative classroom or do you like to involve your students in the process of managing themselves? Over the next several weeks, we will bring to your attention key principles in managing an effective classroom. Whether you agree with our strategies or not, we promise to get you thinking about how these techniques, and others you may think of, can help you to become a competent and successful teacher. Most of these techniques are "common sense" approaches and will be nothing new to you. We hope they will serve as helpful reminders to an ongoing battle that every teacher, veteran and new, faces every day.

While there is no one best strategy for every problem you will face in managing a classroom, the following principles can help. Let us help you FOCUS on keeping your classroom running!

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Seminar Outline:

F - Focus Attention on You! - Week 1
O - Out and About in the Room - Week 2
C - Cuing Students: Verbal and Non-Verbal - Week 3
U - Use Praise Effectively; Use Rewards Selectively - Week 4
S - Seek Help When Needed - Week 5

25 Children. One Classroom. You are the Teacher. ARE YOU READY?!

A wealth of experience is waiting for you in Surviving Your First Year (or Any Year!) of Teaching and Loving It!. This great guide, authored by Kris Thurgood and Kim Christopherson, has helped thousands of teachers understand the four essentials for running a successful classroom and begin experiencing the joys of teaching. The eBook, which includes nearly 50 ready-to-use reproducibles, can be ordered and downloaded RIGHT NOW for only $9.95! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


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