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April Fool's Day Ideas
Grade Level(s): all

These ideas were posted at the A to Z Teacher Stuff Forums


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I did this last year and it worked! I told the kids that at 12:03 p.m. that Jupiter and Saturn would be in alignment and if they jump they will feel weighlessness just like the astronauts. Our principal even got into it and jumped with them to make it more believable. It was great to see all of them jump! (posted by thomps6)

I give my students a wordsearch that doesn't have any words in it. I leave it on their desks for morning work and they spend FOREVER trying to find the words. It is sooo much fun! :) (posted by Miss K)

Here are some ......
-Tell them that you are giving in your 2 week notice...

-Let them know that there will be no more homework...

-Tell them that there is no school on Thursday, due to an emergency meeting for the teachers....

-Let them know that ALL their parents will be joining them for lunch today...

***Last but not the least...

-Tell them that they will ALL have to bring in their own lunches because the cafeteria will be closed for a week.

Have fun and hope you can fool a lot of them,
(posted by Rebel1)

We are 6 hours ahead of you but last week I circulated a letter from 'Google Earth' stating that they were re-photographing the planets for a new website and they wanted groups of people to lay on the ground and spell out messages for the satellite to pick up. Guess what? The camera will be flying over our school during recess on the 1st April! (posted by blazer, science teacher)

I pretended to read from a memo that the school board had voted for year round school beginning the 2nd week of June. I told my students that they would only get 2 weeks off for summer vacation! They bought it hook, line, and sinker! Some sat there with their mouths open in shock, others looked as if they might CRY! I asked them if they liked it, and of course, they moaned in protest. I said that's good because it's an April Fool! Boy were they happy and relieved! ; ) I know that I would cry if they told me that! (posted by DaTeach, 4th grade)

I gave my kids a phony spelling test with words like photosynthesis and precipitation on it. The last four words on the test were did, I, fool, you. They were so focused on the test, that they didn't even catch it right away. I was super serious and told them how important it was and I expected everyone to make a 100.

My second grade teacher did this to me way back when and I still remember it to this day. (posted by Falcon Flyer, 1st grade)

Give them a "TEST" try to make it sound like it is a very serious test and you will be looking at the results very closely. The catch though is at the top of the page the test reads, "Before you write any answers, read this page completely." Write out questions as if it was a test, but on the bottom of the page, write "If you have not written any answers, you have followed directions very well. Do not write any answers. Turn your paper over and read silently. Do not tell anyone your discovery. Have a fun April Fool's Day!" (posted by tiffw45, 1st grade)

We are reading Arthur's April Fool's and making jester hats out of construction paper, pompoms and sentence strips.. goofy, but cute! (posted by bakingdiva, 1st grade)

After lunch I swapped with the other first grade teacher. We went into each others room and pretended like nothing was wrong. It was sooooo funny. The kids kind of just looked at me like I was crazy and then started asking questions. I had them going for about 10 minutes before one little girl realized it was an April Fool's joke. And of course my kids played jokes on me like Mrs. E you shirt is ugly...April Fools or Mrs. E your hair looks bad today...April Fool's. Ah, sweet little darlings! (posted by Emma35)

We read the book April Foolishness by Teresa Bateman & Nadine Bernard Westcott. It's a really cute Scholastic book so I thought I'd share for others to use next year! (posted by Teach in Tampa, 1st grade)

I went over the vocabulary words as usual.. then told them all to clear their desk for a test.. they were soo confused.. I handed them a sheet of paper and told them to spell each word I said. I used the words we had just learned. I teach first grade and these words were really hard to spell. They finished that and then I told them to write the letters that I said but don't say what it says. At this point, some kids looked so worried since I told them it was graded and they knew they didn't know how to spell the words. Well, I could see right away who was able to read the words I said because they had a big smile on their faces. After about 2 minutes, I asked them what it said. They said, "April Fool's." When the ones who couldn't read it in time understood it was a big joke, they were killing themselves laughing. It was sooo funny. I managed to snap a picture of them when they realized it was just a joke. They were all telling me that I was the best teacher. lol. yea right! (posted by Football Gal, 3rd grade)

Get a copy of a high school calculus test & hand it out. Hand them a list of Latin spelling words to learn by Friday. (posted by Calliope, HS)

We have switched classes (and classroom name plates on doors) before. The kids were so confused. We spent the whole morning in our new assignment. I had to teach PE once and music another time. The kids love it. (posted by mrachelle87, kindergarten)

When I was in 7th grade my teacher played a joke on us(not on April Fool's) to teach us a lesson about listening. She gave us a test, the usual Friday quiz or something. Many times we never read the directions, we just went right onto answering questions. So, in the directions at the top she put "Put down your pencil. Return test without answering questions. You will recieve a surprise when class is complete." Well, all but 4 kids completed the test. The ones who followed directions got a candybar, not those of us idiots who didn't read the directions. To this day I read every direction, even when I am sure what to do. I will never forget that as long as I live. (posted by jw13)

I have recess duties with different groups in the morning in addition to my 1st/2nd grade class in the after school program. So I got to prank kids from a few different classes. I really just tell outrageous lies and then say "April Fool's! Just kidding!"

Me: Have you guys studied for your test today?
Them: Huh? What test?
Me: You know. You have to memorize the dictionary, and take a test, and if you don't pass, you don't go to 1st grade. You have been studying at home, right?
Them: WHAT??!!
Me: April Fool's! There's no test!
Them: (looks of relief and some giggles)

3rd Grade:
Me: Enjoy playing on the soccer field while you can.
Them: Why?
Me: The school is going to pave over it for a new parking lot.
Them: You're joking.
Me: No, I'm serious. We all got an email this morning. They can't get the grass to grow (true) and look at how full the parking lot is, and how people are parked on the street (also true). It's only for a couple of years though, while they seed and plant grass for a new field somewhere else.
Them: (sad, perplexed looks) A couple of YEARS??! No soccer field?
Me: Or, maybe instead . . . April Fools!
Them: That was really lame (but smiling when they say it)

Fifth grade: (this was just for one student whose Mom works for the Coca Cola company)
Me: I was just in my car listening to the news, and they said Coke is being bought out by Pepsi.
Him: What? No way! My mom works for Coke, she would have told me!
Me: Well, it was just announced, and if your mom knew, she was probably sworn to secrecy until now.
Him: That stinks! Pepsi is awful!
Me: April Fool's!
Him: You almost gave me a heart attack!

Finally, my after school class of 1st and 2nd graders:
Me: Well, as you all know, the program has been through a lot of changes lately, and we're going to have one more big change. Due to staffing needs, we have to combine our class with the 4K (four year old kindergarten class)
Them: NOOOOOO!!!! Not the little kids!!!
Me: I'm really sorry, but we have to. And since they're younger, we have to get rid of some toys that are dangerous to them, like the legos and dominoes (our most popular toys in our class)
Them: NOOOOO!!! (falling on the ground, pulling hair out, etc.)
Me: April Fools!
Them: Yay!!! Thank goodness!

So, anyway, that's what I did today. I think they all believed me because I'm usually very honest with them, but I'm a great liar when I need to be.

(posted by Nailbiter)


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